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Yoga of Awareness for Cancer

Professional Training for Yoga Teachersdukeintegrative


Duke Integrative Medicine
Duke University Health Systems


Durham, NC

June 20 – 26, 2016

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As an outgrowth of the studies showing Yoga of Awareness is helpful for various stages of the breast cancer experience (see Research for details), we offer this 7 day teacher training at the state-of-the-art integrative medicine center at Duke University Medical Center. This professional training is designed for registered yoga instructors and will introduce the skills needed to teach yoga to those healing from cancer. This training will also introduce participants to how the Yoga of Awareness Program unfolds. Yoga of Awareness elegantly and systematically integrates the deep essence of yoga with contemporary wisdom and research – instilling in students the value of a disciplined meditation practice, key principles of yoga philosophy, gentle posture and breathing practices, and community with other yoga practitioners.

This powerful and transformative training is a blend of instruction, practice and discussion. The training will focus on tailoring the program for people living with breast as well as other types of cancer. Duke faculty will also provide expert presentations on important aspects of the cancer experience, such as cancer-related pain, psychosocial aspects of cancer, exercise physiology of cancer, physical therapy for cancer patients, and palliative care.

During the Yoga of Awareness teacher training, we will explore:

  • Evidence-based modules for cancer-related symptoms
  • Tailoring asana and pranayama to specific symptoms
  • Principles of Yoga of Awareness
  • Contexting yogic principles for people from various faith traditions
  • Effective and clear ways of presenting models of stress
  • Appropriate guidance for working with the mind
  • Partnering with the medical community
  • Group facilitation skills

Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of completion from Duke Integrative Medicine. This certificate is a step in the process of becoming a certified Yoga of Awareness teacher. Further steps for becoming a certified Yoga of Awareness teacher are outlined here.



Yoga-Based Symptom Management

Continuing Education for Oncology Professionals


Knight Cancer Institute
Oregon Health & Science University


Portland, Oregon

June 6 – 7, 2015

Registration: Contact Us


Join OHSU clinical research team, Dr. Jim and Kimberly Carson, developers of the Yoga of Awareness program, for an in-depth study of safe and effective ways to teach yoga-based skills to individuals going through cancer treatment and recovery.

Yoga comprises a wide variety of methods – such as meditation, mindfulness strategies, breath work, relaxation techniques, and the application of yogic principles to optimal coping – beyond the the physical poses popularly identified with yoga. Yoga of Awareness is a powerful, comprehensive program which integrates yoga-based skills with the evidence-base of western medicine. Clinical trials using this model have consistently demonstrated improvements in quality of life outcomes as well as reductions in troubling symptoms.

Increased patient satisfaction is likely the result of offering patients coping strategies they can immediately apply in their day-to-day lives. This transformative course is an innovative integrative medicine program. Oncology professionals will gain skills and knowledge which can be seemlessly woven into their clinical practice. Designed for professionals without yoga posture training, course materials will include a professionally produced DVD suitable for clients to engage in gentle, safe posture work when appropriate.

This intra-professional training is designed for all professionals helping people cope with cancer and its treatment, including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, health coaches, occupational therapists, and naturopaths working with oncology patients.


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